Understandably you may be a little confused at what goes on here or too embarrassed to ask a question yourself so use this Frequently Asked Questions page as you wish.

  • How do I submit a post?

    – you simply email your post idea to youhadmeatdisneytalk@gmail.com and once it’s been approved; get writing! you can then email the full post in either a word document or copied straight into the body of the email and It’ll be posted on the site soon after, for full details head over to the ‘Want To Submit?’ page

  • I have my own blog, can it be linked on the site?

    – If you submit a post and want your blog referenced within that post, no problem! I can link it straight to your wordpress/blogger/tumblr site.

  • Is promotion allowed?

    Yes and no, I won’t allow posts solely for advertising purposes however if you want to discuss Disney products and where they came from, that’s allowed. I just don’t want this blog used for selfish reasons.

  • What’s in submitting for me?

    – Well… no one really gains anything from this site other than having their work read and appreciated, if you don’t want to submit your work as you won’t gain very much from it, that’s fair enough. I created this blog as literally just a platform for anyone to write about Disney and a platform to read articles written by various different people in various different styles.

  • I’m not sure if what I’ve written about is allowed?

    – Email us your idea and we’ll let you know.

  • It’s been days and my post isn’t up yet?

    – I’m sure it won’t come to this however at the moment I’m just one person running this blog, it may be that many people want to submit posts at the same time and I have to give myself time to approve the ideas, read the posts and post them onto the website, I also have a life to live and in September I will be back to being a student so please be patient, I will get posts up as soon as I possibly can.

  •   How long do posts have to be?

    – As I hope many different types of writers will want to take part in this page, I don’t want to say a definitive number of words or characters per post, however I’d like to say around 300-1500 words is roughly what we want, nothing that takes hours to read but something that’s longer than say a facebook status.

  • I submitted a post but now I want it taken down

    – No problem, just email us.

  • Can I include photos in my posts?

    – Yes as long as you understand that this is the internet, anyone can see and take images from here so nothing private or sensitive please. Also no photos that you’ve taken from someone else, this means if someone took a photo of a drawing they’ve done, don’t take it and repost it here unless you have their permission/give them credit.

  • Does Star Wars/Marvel/The Muppets count as Disney here?

    – I’ll have to hear your idea to make sure but I don’t see why not! Who knows, if your post doesn’t fit in here, I may be able to ask for it to be published on nerdoutwordout.com, they might accept it if it’s Star Wars or Marvel, however that won’t be up to me.


If your question wasn’t found here, drop us an email and ask us.

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